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What is the Method of Polyester Fabric Printing Process?

Sep. 15, 2020

As a Printed Polyester Fabric Manufacturer, share with you. Printing process refers to a process of printing various patterns on various textiles through dyes or pigments. Polyester fabric is the most common clothing fabric in our lives. Many friends want to know what polyester fabric printing process is, so I will take you to find out below.

Printing Polyester Fabric

Printing Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric printing process method

Polyester fabric is printed with disperse dyes. After drying, it can be fixed by high temperature and high pressure steaming method and hot melt method.

High temperature and high pressure steaming method

The high-temperature and high-pressure steaming method is steamed in a closed steaming box at a high temperature of 125-135°C for about 30 minutes. The degree of superheating of the steam in the steaming box is not high, close to saturation, so the fiber and color paste absorb more moisture. The swelling is better, which is conducive to the transfer of disperse dyes into the fiber. At the same time, due to the high heat content of the high-pressure saturated steam, the temperature of the fabric is increased quickly and the temperature is relatively constant, which is conducive to dyeing. Compared with other methods, the fixation rate is Higher.

The sublimation temperature of disperse dyes is mostly much higher than 135t. Therefore, the problem of sublimation staining will not occur during fixation, so dyes with lower molecular weight and lower sublimation temperature can also be used. The range of dyes is wide, the fabric feels good, and it can be applied to fabrics that are easily deformed. However, this method is mostly batch production, suitable for small batch processing, and the steaming process must be strictly controlled. If the temperature is lower than 120'C for printing, the amount of color is insufficient. If it is higher than 150t, because the dye is hydrolyzed, especially for color matching, it is easy to produce color difference. The steaming time should be about 30min. If it is too short, it will not reach the highest fixation rate.

Hot melt method

The hot-melt method has basically the same fixation mechanism and method as hot-melt dyeing. The hot-melt temperature is 180-2201C. In order to prevent the dye from contaminating the white ground during sublimation, it also requires a higher fixation rate. Strictly control the nature of dyes used in printing.

The uniformity of printing mainly depends on the uniformity of fixation, and the uniformity of fixation depends on whether the temperature and the flow rate of hot air sprayed to different parts of the fabric are uniform. Because the hot-melt method is used to fix the color under tight dry heat conditions, which has an adverse effect on the feel of the fabric, the hot-melt method is not suitable for elastic polyester fabrics and knitted polyester fabrics.

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